Simon's Seat (Howgill Fells)

Simon’s Seat (Howgill Fells)

Not be confused with its more popular namesake in Wharfedale this Simon’s Seat is situated above Langdale in the northern Howgill Fells.

Height (m): 587
Height (ft): 1926
Prominence (m): 83
Classification: Dewey
Hill No: 3579
Grid Ref: SD659999
OS Map OL19
No. of Visits 1

The fell’s makeup is perhaps a little more complicated than most hills in the Howgills. To the east the fell is bounded by Langdale Beck and it’s tributary West Grain, while to the west it is bounded by Churn Gill beck and it’s tributaries. To the south a descent of over 80m from the summit leads to Westcalf Moss, a saddle which ultimately connects Simon’s Seat with Fell Head.

Simon's Seat above Langdale
Simon’s Seat above Langdale

However rather than just the one ridge descending to the north Simon’s Seat actually has three, which from west to east are Middleton, Stone Scrip and Combs. The only ridge to feature a subsidary summit is Middleton which is also the longest of the three. Dividing the three ridges are Great Nevy Gill and Little Nevy Gill both of which feed Langdale Beck.

Simon's Seat from The Calf
Simon’s Seat from The Calf

Perhaps the most commonly used routes of ascent and descent are the ridges of Combs and Middleton. As with most fells in the Howgills though it is possible to climb Simon’s Seat from almost any direction. I actually climbed direct from the confluence of West Grain and Langdale Beck. A steep and continuous ascent of about 250m it was a tough but rewarding climb with fantastic views back down into Langdale and West Grain.

Simon's Seat above Langdale
Simon’s Seat above Langdale

The summit of the fell conforms to the usual Howgills standard of being fairly flat and grassy with the highest point marked by a small pile of stones. Due to its height and relatively central position in the northern Howgills it is also a particularly fine viewpoint. In addition to being able to see nearly all the main northern Howgill summits there are also wide sweeping views of the Lake District and also the Cross Fell region of the North Pennines. Meanwhile to the south there are also good views of The Calf and Fell Head.

Simon's Seat above Langdale
Simon’s Seat above Langdale

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