God's Bridge

God’s Bridge

There are at least three natural limestone bridges called God’s Bridge in and around the Yorkshire Dales. The finest is this one located on the River Greta, just south of the A66.

Over 10ft wide and a few feet thick the ‘bridge’ was formed by the river gradually eroding the rock below in order to continue its progress downstream. When the river is up it is quite a sight to see it disappearing below the bridge.

The River Greta passing below God's Bridge
The River Greta passing below God’s Bridge

In dry conditions when the water levels are much lower it is possible to see right under the bridge.

The river coming out the other side of God's Bridge
The river coming out the other side of God’s Bridge

The two other God’s Bridges that I am aware of are on the River Doe near Chapel-le-Dale, which I’ve yet to visit and on Browgill Beck near High Birkwith in upper Ribblesdale.

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