Limestone pavement on Scales Moor


If there is one type of rock that is most associated with the Yorkshire Dales then it is limestone.

Limestone was formed millions of years ago by the gradual build up of calcium-rich skeletons and the shells of billions of tropical sea-creatures. It is strange to think that when you are standing on a limestone formation you are on the bed of what was once a tropical sea.

Classic limestone features include pavements and scars or crags. Limestone pavements are flat areas of rock scraped bare by ancient glaciers and dissolved away by rain water over the thousands of years since. The cracks in the pavement are called grykes and are home to a number of rare plants. The slabs above are known as clints.

The links below provide further information on a number of well known, and not so well known, limestone features in the Yorkshire Dales. This list will continue to grow over time and does not include caves and potholes which I hope to add as a separate section in the future.

Attermire Scar
Conistone Dib
Conistone Pie
Ease Gill Kirk
Ellerkin Scar
God’s Bridge
Gordale Scar
Great Wegber
How Stean Gorge
Ivy Scar
Kilnsey Crag
Ling Gill
Malham Cove
Nursery Knot
Scales Moor
Trollers Gill
Trow Gill