Family photo at Swinsty Reservoir

Swinsty Reservoir

Walk Summary

Another year and another family walk around Swinsty Reservoir, it is now something of a tradition and always enjoyable.

Distance: 3.2 miles
Total ascent: 180ft
Walk Rating: ****
Parking: Car park on east side of reservoir
Route: Download Route [GPX]

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Walk Report

If possible I do like to start the New Year with a walk. In 2017 I enjoyed a superb solo walk on to a snowy Ingleborough. The start to 2018 couldn't have been more different - a large family group walk around Swinsty Reservoir.

In fact the family walk around Swinsty Reservoir is starting to become something of a tradition. The last time we'd done it was on Boxing Day 2016 when there were thirteen of us in total. This time around there were no fewer than sixteen of us. With seven of the group aged 10 or under the walk was taken at a leisurely pace.

As usual we parked at the car park on the eastern side of the reservoir and did the walk in an anti-clockwise direction. As usual I spent much of my time trying to capture nice photos of my various nephews and nieces. The weather was largely overcast with the odd burst of rain, something that my youngest niece Chloe did not seem to appreciate as can be seen by the hilariously grumpy face I captured on camera.

Thanks to the recent rain there were plenty of puddles on the path, some of which were quite deep. Two of my nephews Jake and Daniel had a lot of fun splashing about in these, at least until they started to get a bit too wet and cold! In fact Daniel, who is only four years old walked, ran and jumped around the whole reservoir without once asking to be picked up or carried.

Despite the fact that we all got a bit wet it was a fun couple of hours and a nice way for us all to get together.

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