Brownber Tarn of the most remote tarns in the Dales

Lakes & Tarns

For such a large upland area the Yorkshire Dales has comparatively few natural lakes, at least compared to the Lake District. Indeed there are only two natural lakes in the area covered by this website, Semerwater and Malham Tarn.

Nor can the Dales compete with the Lake District in terms of the sheer number and variety of mountain tarns. On the other hand there is something about the lonely moorland tarns that the Dales specialises in that I find utterly irresistible. Known to few but the most dedicated tarn hunters the likes of Oughtershaw Tarn and Brownber Tarn can seem a world away from the more popular limestone areas of the Dales, or anywhere for that matter!

The links below provide information on all the tarns in the Yorkshire Dales that I’ve personally visited at least once during the course of my many walks in the region.

Aberdene Tarn
Archer Tarn
Birkdale Tarn
Birks Tarn
Blow Tarn
Brownber Tarn
Calf Tarn
Carle Fell Tarn
Cotter End Tarn
Coverdale Tarn
Crag Tarn
Cray Tarn
Dogleg Tarn
East Tarns
Eavestone Lake
Fleet Moss Tarn
Fossdale Tarn
Fountains Fell Tarn
Grains Tarn
Greensett Tarn
Greenside Tarn
Guisecliff Tarn
Hellifield Flashes
Hoove Tarn
Hunters Hole
Kex Gill Tarn
Locker Tarn
Lodge Tarns
Malham Tarn
Middle Tongue Tarn
Oughtershaw Tarn
Paradise Tarn
Pinker’s Pond
Priest’s Tarn
Ripley Lakes
Saddle Tarn
Sand Tarn
Satron Tarn
Side Well Tarn
Sod Dike Tarns
South Grain Tarn
Spring Ridge Tarn
Summer Lodge Tarn
Sunbiggin Tarn
Ten End Tarns
The Lake, Clapham
The Tarn, Ribblesdale
Tom Hags Tarn
West Baugh Fell Tarn
Whernside Tarns
Whitaside Tarn
Widdale Great Tarn
Widdale Little Tarn
Woogill Tarn