Foss Gill Force, Mallerstang

Foss Gill Force (Mallerstang)

Foss Gill Force is a remote, difficult to access but ultimately impressive waterfall found high above Southwaite in Mallerstang, the upper Eden valley.

Foss Gill is a fairly common name and is an indicator that the gill contains at least one waterfall. Due to the location of this particular one, Foss Gill Force is one for waterfall enthusiasts only. Even then only experienced walkers with good navigation skills should attempt to find it. I visited the waterfall on a long largely pathless walk from the end of the bridleway at Red Scar to the south to the beginning of the public footpath on Great Bell some distance to the north.

A smaller waterfall below the main drop
A smaller waterfall below the main drop

Approaching as I did from above the waterfall I had to make what I described at the time as, "a somewhat dodgy detour, including clambering over a wall and a steep slide down a bank." You have been warned! Having said that it is a rather impressive waterfall, all the more so because hardly anyone will ever see it.

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