Thornton Force, one of the highlights of the Ingleton Waterfall Walk

Thornton Force

Thornton Force is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales and the finest of the many waterfalls seen on the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk. Dropping 46ft over a limestone cliff, Thornton Force is a stunning sight when it bursts in to view.

Situated in an open air rocky ampitheatre Thornton Force is more than just an impressive waterfall. It is partly formed from rocks over 300 million years old. Indeed there are number of layers to the rock behind the falls and it is possible, within the span of one hand to measure over 170 million years of geological evolution.

Another view of Thornton Force
Another view of Thornton Force

It is not surprising that most people doing the waterfall walk stop here for a while. During the holidays and weekends it tends to mean that it gets very busy so if you want Thornton Force to yourself best go out of season on a week day.

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